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What’s your edge?

9 Jul

While I have been on hiatus from blogging over the course of the last month or so, I’ve discovered something that has a profound impact on how I define not only who I am, but why I exist:

I exist to be the best I can be in  fitness, health, and nutritional knowledge. I exist to push my physical limits and emotional boundaries and to set an example of health and fitness through my actions and lifestyle. By striving to embody these values and instill them in other around makes life worth living. 

For me, I believe living a healthy lifestyle is my edge, or competitive advantage, that helps me solve my own “raison d’etre” and keeps me confidently pushing forward.

As entrepreneurs and people we all have a unique, competitive advantage or edge that we can offer to the world and once we discover it, we can run with it…

So what’s your edge?

Always going for glory,

C.E. Steinfeld

Healthbent Entrepreneur