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27 Apr

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Who knew vegetables could be so exciting?

20 Apr

Waiting for me on my doorstep this morning was a bushel of the freshest vegetables west of the Mississippi, all in thanks to Farmhouse Delivery in Austin, TX.  Some of these veggies I’ve never even seen or cooked with before including turnips, mustard greens, and funky little spring onions but the adventure certainly excites me.

The complete list:

  • Mustard greens
  • Oranges
  • Turnips
  • Baby squash and zucchini
  • Carrots
  • Mixed salad greens
  • Kale
  • Spring onions
  • Mango
  • Spinach
  • Cilantro

The support for local farmer’s markets here in Austin grows by the day and I love being a part of the movement to support local, organic farmers around Texas. Community supported agriculture (CSAs) is on the rise thanks to organizations like Farmhouse, striving to quite literally connect you and your home directly to the farms themselves.

The extensive network of farmers that Farmhouse Delivery has includes: Rain Lily Farm, Montesino Farm, Ringger Family Farm, Acadian Family Farm, Tecolote Farm, G&S Groves, and other small local farms.

Pretty cool! I cannot wait to start cooking up a storm this week and beyond.  Anyone have any unique recipes? I’d love suggestions!

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