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Paleo kick for 21 days

16 Jan

I’m submerged in full on paleolithic, caveman onslaught for a solid 21 days. Eating nothing but meat, nuts, berries/fruit, vegetables, and the occasional mound of quinoa. Doing primal style workouts in minimalist shoes in the vein of crossfit. I have been consuming a diet extremely high in fat, not just any old fat, but “saturated” fat but low in sugar and any refined or processed products! I have not dared to even touch, or look at a piece of bread.

The goal:

To merely experiment without fear,

To test my own limits

To explore the human diet

To see how athletic performance is affected by the paleo craze

Paleo Resources:

Recipes :Paleo Meal Plan

Primal Blueprint

Robb Wolf: The Paleo Solution


Craig Steinfeld



Moment of clarity: Oolong Tea

12 Jan

Mi-Lan Oolong Tea Brewed at The Steeping Room in Austin, TX

The Japonophile in me makes me love green, especially matcha and genmaicha tea, due to its light flavor and immense antioxidant, or catechin, levels.

But to me, nothing beats the  mother of all teas, Oolong.

While still from the same tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, as green, white, and black teas, Oolong is usually slightly fermented, giving it a more robust flavor. Ranging in color from golden to a rich amber, there are varietals form Southern China to Taiwan, all of which have unique flavor profiles (citrusy, sweet, floral, or tannic).  The leaves always come dried and rolled up as a part of the oxidation process.

It can be tempermental and bitter when not given enough room to brew or when steeped for too-long. That should not stop you from going and getting a jar of oolong for your home brews (loose leaf only please!) and some of my favorite tea shops: Harney & Sons, Teavana, or TeaNY to name a few.

The Ti Quan Yin, is a great light and floral”gateway” Oolong for those looking for their first adventure.

When brewed properly, the reward is glorious. Go ahead and brew up a pot and let the moment of clarity ensue.

If you need any steeping tips, let me know or have any great varietals to share, please do!

Happy steeping!

Always going for glory.

Craig E. Steinfeld

I am not a resolution

5 Jan

I am not a resolution.


I am motivated and driven, not by some ephemeral feeling or desire:

To lose weight

To be rich

To increase performance

To outsmart the competition

To succeed at all costs

To have that mansion on the hilltop

But rather,

To consistently and constantly


Do everything in my power

To live the life I choose and

To make the most of every second, of every day.


Always going for glory!

C.E. Steinfeld