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Farmers markets under fire

14 Sep
Milagro Free-Range Eggs, Sweet Potato Greens, Summer Melon

Milagro Free-Range Eggs, Sweet Potato Greens, Summer Melon

Anyone who has followed the surge in farmer’s markets across the country knows how truly remarkable this growth has been over the past few years. The grassroots food movement continues to snowball, inching ever closer to a full-on “food revolution.” People are beginning to reconnect with their food sources, and they are demanding to know the farmers themselves.

BUT…as small farmers garner great power, they have come under remarkable scrutiny that threatens their existence.

FDA continues to tinker with the idea of regulating these small farmers out of business all in the name of “food safety” with bill HR2749 and others.  I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather take my chances eating some grassfed, free-range bison from Thunderheart Bison (shoutout alert), than massive agro-produced meat from Concentrated Feeding Operations, of which are owned by companies I barely pronounce.  Just last month, Cargill recalled millions of pounds of ground turkey due to E. Coli contamination.

Here’s an example about what’s happening to raw milk producers in Texas. 

Could large agrobusiness be scared of diminished profits from the rise of people shopping locally? Hard to say, but they are undoubtedly using their extensive lobbying power to protect their own pieces of the pie.

My freedom to choose to eat locally sourced produce and meats are now more paramount than ever because of this burgeoning threat to their existence.  Let me remind you, food does not come from “the store,” but rather, the farms of individuals who care and take great pride in what they do.

I shop at farmers markets because I want to be more connected to the food supply, to know the farmers who choose to do so without pesticides and who humanely raise their livestock, and to share stories with them about their experiences on their respective lands.

What are your thoughts on farmers markets? Will they ultimately survive the threat of being legislated out of existence?

Always going for glory!

C.E. Steinfeld

“Healthbent Entrepreneur”