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Greatist Manifesto

17 Oct


I’m jazzed about this company, Greatist, and their manifesto. In fact, it’s who I am and the “why” I exist: To inspire others to seek their highest wellbeing. Companies like this empower their users and employees by pushing the next generation of health seekers and entrepreneurs forward, empowering people to achieve their highest purpose and to help obtain the most important gift of all:


“He who seeks health, shall obtain it.”

Greatist also helps illustrate the concept discussed in my previous blog: The fusion of man and technology for optimal health. What health trends and companies are inspiring you?

Always going for glory!

Craig Steinfeld

More must-read health & fitness news and information at Greatist.


Health + technology

6 Sep

The future of wellness is now.

By wellness I mean, no longer are we attempting to remain disease free and to stay healthy and “fit,” with the occasional doctors visit, check up, and gym visit. Instead,  we are working towards something greater by harnessing modern resources, innovation, and technology. Some might fear this fusion of technology and biology as a slippery slope, leading us down the road of becoming human cyborgs.

In my view, by better harnessing technology, we can not only prevent disease and have a better understanding of our genetics, but we also work towards reaching our own, unique Genetic Capacity, or our unique ability to become as strong and fit as we are biologically able.

Start ups are running with this concept and they have and will continue to crop up. Here are a few examples of start ups that exist to improve our quality of life and overall wellness:

  • Wristbands (and accompanying apps) to track our sleep cycles and exercise habits (see FitBit, Jawbone UP),
  • Apps to monitor our runs, swims, bikes, calories burned, mileage logged, elevation changes (Map My Fitness, RunKeeper)
  • Apps to track biomarkers as a preventive measure for disease and body composition improvement (WellnessFX)
  • Social media and apps to motivate and incentivize us to work out (GymPact, Greatist.com).

The list goes on….

The general trend towards Augmented Wellness means that we all have accessible tools in the form of technology  that allows us to continually strive towards reaching our own unique genetic capacities.

I’m excited to see just how far we can run with this as technology continues to build on itself…

Always going for glory!

Craig E. Steinfeld