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The trend of trackable fitness continues: Misfit Wearables

14 Nov

Check out the video of the beautiful innovation happening with the “Misfit” Shine fitness tracker. Not only will it track your fitness and integrate seamlessly in to your life, but the quarter-sized device is waterproof, wearable, and beams wirelessly on your mobile device.  All-in-all, a product like this can create a paradigm shift in the mobile health tracking and fitness space.

In my view, mobile fitness trackers are beginning to pose serious questions to humanity:

  • At what point are man and our use of technology completely integrated, and when will the age of cyborgs be fully realized?
  • Do we have any remaining excuses to be sedentary anymore? Mobile fitness devices, ubiquitous gyms, apps and motivational tools abound make it difficult to come up with any excuses.
  • Are tools like mobile fitness trackers strong enablers of fitness, or do they distract us from the big picture of what it is to be healthy?

What problems and solutions do you see unfolding as technology and innovation continues to push the progress of humanity in the health and fitness space?

(You can help fund misfitwearables on indiegogo here )



Bold Health Predictions for 2012…

30 Nov
On Supplements…
  • Functional Foods or “foods or products with specific, touted health benefits” will continue to flourish in 2012. Look for more orange juice with phytosterols, milk with even MORE vitamin D added, and designer beverages for energy, too much energy, brain enhancement, optimal rehydration, sexual enhancement, and everything else under the sun. Also intriguing, watch for omega-3 fats to show up in every product on the market beyond just eggs and dairy, but also breakfast cereals and nutritional bars. More evidence here.

“The functional food market in the US has grown 31 percent since 2006, with beverages leading the charge, according to a new report from Leatherhead Food Research.”

  • Speaking of Omega-3 fats, watch for their continued, categorical rise as the chief player of the supplement market (and for good reason, as omega-3 supplements are some of the only proven supplements on the market today).  Vegetarians are also looking for ways to obtain EPA fatty acids, which are usually only animal derived, and algae-sourced EPA supplements will be more readily available as a result.
  • Astaxanthin, which many experts now consider nature’s most powerful carotenoid, will continue to be a hot seller for 2012 and beyond. Some are touting the benefits of this algae/krill-sourced, nutritional powerhouse as beneficial to improving athletic performance, eye-health, and the entire body. Sales will be boasted by news outlets picking up on this “hot” supplement already showcased by Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola on their respective websites.
On food…
  • Paleo, or the caveman diet, appears poised to stay and even enter into the mainstream. Look for more companies and restaurants to cater specifically to the paleo crowd with menu options and entire restaurants dedicated specifically to this niche market. Fast food companies might even begin to co-opt ideas and trends that the paleo movement has embraced. Chipotle is already paleo-friendly and they do not even know it. Primal jerky and snack company Steve’s Original is another prime example. Dare I say, will we see a McPrimal burger with grassfed beef served on a grain-free bun in the near future?
  • Also, restaurants and fine dining will continue on its “sustainable” course, opting for primal cuts of meat and offal, sourcing seafood from sustainable sources, and riding the local wave as far as it will take them (see: Barley Swine, Foreign & Domestic here in ATX).

What are some hot health and food trends you see coming to the forefront?

Always going for glory!

C.E. Steinfeld

Entrepreneurs push beyond the limits of mere mortals

24 May

Sir Richard Branson has announced that he will be swimming across the Irish Sea in order to fund cancer research. This from a man who runs a multi-billion dollar, multi-national company -Virgin. Branson has crossed oceans in hot air balloons, sail boats, and whatever other craft you could dream up.  He’s building a private space program called Virgin Galactic  and plans to go to the depths of the ocean in a specially designed submarine via Virgin Oceanic.

Mere mortals might ask: How does this Branson guy run a multibillion dollar empire, jet from private isles across the world, break world speed and aviation records, and have time to develop new projects simultaneously?

Another question is simply why?

It’s simple:

  • Drive
  • Desire to push the limits of humanity
  • Zero fear of failure
I believe these attributes are qualities that are the driving force behind all successful entrepreneurs and organizations.  Most people are content with the status quo and as a result, never truly reach for their own version of the stars (in Branson’s case, both literally and figuratively). On the other hand entrepreneurs not only reach for the stars, but they ask themselves: What’s beyond these stars and how the heck are we going to get there?
I’ll leave you with a quote from Sir Richard himself from his book, Business Stripped Bare:
“Enterpreneurship is business’s beating heart. Entrepeurneurship isn’t about capital; it’s about ideas.”
Take an idea. Run with it. Rinse. Repeat
Always going for glory,

The concept begins to take shape

15 Mar

And so it begins...

This is a basic sketch of the concept and invention that has been convalescing in my mind now for months.  I have been hard at work fleshing out the minutiae and tailoring the product to the correct target market.  All of my heart and soul are in this project and I have enlisted the help of both an MIT engineer and engineering firm in Austin to help make this dream a reality.  I believe that ideas + products are merely the culmination of concepts that people absorb around them.  At the recent trade show the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, CA, I had a minor epiphany: there’s no better time then the present to pursue a concept that I consider to be groundbreaking.  I met a plethora of entrepreneurers who fought tooth and nail to get their product to market at all costs.  For some that meant 5 years of unprofitability, while for others, it meant keeping a day job and working 18 hour days until the product was fully realized.

In the prophetic words of Ayn Rand:

“The great creators, the thinkers, the artists, the scientists, the inventors, stood alone against the men of their time. Every new thought was opposed. Every new invention was denounced. But the men of unborrowed vision went ahead. They fought, they suffered, and they paid – but they won.”

Always going for glory! HE @CESTeinfeld

RISE Austin: Inspirational lessons on entrepreneurship

10 Mar

This week, RISE (Relationship and Information Series for Entrepreneurs) is taking place across Austin, TX as we speak.   Austin is a refuge, sanctuary, and hub of entrepreneurs and we strive whole-heartedly to keep Austin as weird as possible.  Meaning, Austinites love to support small and local businesses.  I managed to meet some start-up entrepreneurs, many of whom started their companies right out of college and are now securing upwards of a million dollars in funding (i.e, JobSpice,com)

I feel honored and privileged to learn from the past experiences of entrepreneurial and start-up experts.  The importance of learning from other’s successes and failures is tantamount for the success of the entrepreneur. Fortunately, RISE is streaming the videos on their web page for many of the seminars you and I were unable to attend.

Some of these lessons I learned are worth sharing to the community of entrepreneurs out there:

On branding (Dr. Neil Burns):

  • Brands=Experience!
  • Brands: more enduring than patents, viral, and measurable
  • Brands have and maintain a following
  • Branding IS a business strategy
  • Brands must be personally relevant

On seed generation/incubation of start-ups (Serial entrepreneur Joshua Baer of Capital Factory):

  • Start ups must have an excellent team in place (ideally 2-3 people)
  • Tech expertise is essential for a company in tech
  • Have a strong mentoring team in place of people with past experiences (they could end up being angel investors)
  • Keep in touch with the mentors you develop relationships with
  • Understand your market better than your competitors!
  • Be confident about your idea but be open to others opinions because after-all, you have things to learn!
  • Be capital efficient and stay as lean as possible while not sacrificing product quality and integrity

On exploring market potential/market research (Dr. Rob Adams):

  • “Success is achieved through a series of fast failures.” (Emphasis on fast.  If the idea isn’t taking shape, be willing to ditch it immediately for a better one)
  • 20% of start-ups succeed. So be willing to start at least 5 companies for the best chance of success
  • In product development, start with at least 100 exploratory calls to figure out what your target market wants.  Then design the product based on the needs of 20-30% because you simply cannot afford to please everyone (approx. 2 months)
  • Conduct interviews, conduct surveys, and compile lists of potential clients.  Ask them specific questions, figure out what they want, and design the product to meet their needs
  • Get your product to market ASAP! Correct the problems later (aka Microsoft products, first gen iPod etc.)
  • American buyers are forgiving to entrepreneurs and almost always will give a second chance if the first model requires improvements
  • Sales and marketing budget MUST EQUAL budget for product development (at minimum)

Anyone have any lessons worth sharing from RISE or otherwise on start-ups and entrepreneurship? Thoughts on the above advice? Please do share!

Quote for thought: “We’d pay a lot if someone would just build…” If you can answer this question and you may be able to leave your job and create a winning business 🙂

Always going for glory!

C.E. Steinfeld

(Healthbent Entrepreneur)