Knowledge + quantum

20 Jan

The space between and gaps we often fail to see but are in plain sight. The architecture of the building before us. The shape and texture of our iPhone. The material of the sweater you’re wearing right now.

We seek knowledge and its before us at every moment. Why do we choose to refrain from seeking a deeper understanding of what surrounds us? Are we scared? We fear what others think? Some say the soothsayers of the world are savants and heroes that are people we will never understand. That they’re “different” than us.

I believe they use knowledge and seek understanding of the spaces between, the things they do not quite understand, the quantum. They trust, with the gaps filled in, that they will execute on the project, the business, or the art they create merely because they saw the world in front of them and accepted it as knowledge, not something nebulous or out of reach.



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