Stairs or escalator?

14 Apr


It always amazes me how little decisions we make every single day can impact our health and societal health on a greater scale. The incremental choices, that we often view as trivial, end up amounting to the greater picture that comprises our health.

For instance:

To watch the latest reality show on television, or go outside for a walk?

To start the day with another soda, or opt for water?

To try incorporating more veggies in my diet, or sticking to fries only like I’m used to?

To snack on a twinkie, or eating fruit instead?

Maybe if we can tweak just a few little things about ourselves, the big picture of “health” and wellness would be less daunting.

Every decision we make, counts.

Craig E. Steinfeld


(Special thanks to my brother, Alec @ALsteinfeld, for the image used and inspiration)


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