Bold Health Predictions for 2012…

30 Nov
On Supplements…
  • Functional Foods or “foods or products with specific, touted health benefits” will continue to flourish in 2012. Look for more orange juice with phytosterols, milk with even MORE vitamin D added, and designer beverages for energy, too much energy, brain enhancement, optimal rehydration, sexual enhancement, and everything else under the sun. Also intriguing, watch for omega-3 fats to show up in every product on the market beyond just eggs and dairy, but also breakfast cereals and nutritional bars. More evidence here.

“The functional food market in the US has grown 31 percent since 2006, with beverages leading the charge, according to a new report from Leatherhead Food Research.”

  • Speaking of Omega-3 fats, watch for their continued, categorical rise as the chief player of the supplement market (and for good reason, as omega-3 supplements are some of the only proven supplements on the market today).  Vegetarians are also looking for ways to obtain EPA fatty acids, which are usually only animal derived, and algae-sourced EPA supplements will be more readily available as a result.
  • Astaxanthin, which many experts now consider nature’s most powerful carotenoid, will continue to be a hot seller for 2012 and beyond. Some are touting the benefits of this algae/krill-sourced, nutritional powerhouse as beneficial to improving athletic performance, eye-health, and the entire body. Sales will be boasted by news outlets picking up on this “hot” supplement already showcased by Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola on their respective websites.
On food…
  • Paleo, or the caveman diet, appears poised to stay and even enter into the mainstream. Look for more companies and restaurants to cater specifically to the paleo crowd with menu options and entire restaurants dedicated specifically to this niche market. Fast food companies might even begin to co-opt ideas and trends that the paleo movement has embraced. Chipotle is already paleo-friendly and they do not even know it. Primal jerky and snack company Steve’s Original is another prime example. Dare I say, will we see a McPrimal burger with grassfed beef served on a grain-free bun in the near future?
  • Also, restaurants and fine dining will continue on its “sustainable” course, opting for primal cuts of meat and offal, sourcing seafood from sustainable sources, and riding the local wave as far as it will take them (see: Barley Swine, Foreign & Domestic here in ATX).

What are some hot health and food trends you see coming to the forefront?

Always going for glory!

C.E. Steinfeld


2 Responses to “Bold Health Predictions for 2012…”

  1. Paleo in a box May 31, 2013 at 7:28 am #

    We are officially one week into the paleo in a box! Clearly that’s a problem with our society and the Paleo In A Box generally. Okay, but it really frees up a lot of vegetables for this beef stir fry- celery, carrots, mushrooms, or fruit and avocado, or a mixed green salad with sliced strawberries and sliced almonds. I am now honored to say that I’ve beaten the funk.


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    […] year ago I discussed my predictions for the health trends of the year 2012.  As 2012 winds down and we all begin to reflect on what we have all accomplished this year, […]

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