Hellbent Entrepreneur becomes Healthbent Entrepreneur

25 Feb

The theme of my blog this week has been about  evolving in today’s world, an era I have deemed Age 2.0.  It’s been about the importance of adapting on a whim, changing your school of thought from day to day or even minute to minute, and believing in the notion that the future holds great things for you if by embracing dynamism.

Right now, our lives are skiffs being tossed about in a tumultuous ocean.

Parable: Recently, I’ve been doing some soul searching.  I finished my second marathon last sunday, and to aid my recovery, I went to a yoga classes at Black Swan here in Austin, TX. While in a semi-trance state following an hour of Power Vinyasa Flow, the instructor began coaxing mesmerizing sounds out of a gong during meditation.  Yogis will speak about the realignment and reset that the universal om-like sounds can have on the body and mind.  It clears the head and helps release negativity from the body.  I felt instantly energized and I came to realize that there’s been shift in my own logic, thoughts, + being.

I’d begun to notice how my life and this blog has shifted from being centered on the trials and tribulations of a young entrepreneur to evolving into a blog focused on the notion that health and business are not mutually exclusive nor illusive concepts.

I look forward to my continual evolution as this blog continues to take shape.  The nascent state of Healthbent Entrepreneur affords me ample opportunity to hone in my thoughts for continual improvement.  I will continue to discuss healthy living + entrepreneurship + unveil my new business venture when the time is right 🙂

Continue to check back for new posts every Tuesday and let’s connect on Twitter!

Still going for glory!



I went for glory!


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