Evolving in Age 2.0

22 Feb

We are entrepreneurs, people, and citizens operating in Age 2.0.  Things like technology, communication tools, and business landscapes are changing more rapidly than ever. Ostensibly, Age 2.0 helped facilitate the revolutions taking place across the Middle East as we speak (i.e. Egypt).

One of the great geniuses and inventors of our time, Ray Kurzweil, describes this rapid growth as a mathematical, predictable series of events that increases exponentially, not linearly. If you are not familiar  with Kurzweil and his body of work, I would highly suggest viewing his TED talk on rapid technological growth and even more interesting, his thoughts on the future of humanity as we know it, known as The Singularity.

While we may not equal the genius that Kurzweil is, the lesson we can take home is that:

In today’s age, we must be able to change and adapt as rapidly as our environment does.

A few examples of things forever changed.

  • Digitization of music and books
  • Mobile technology as the dominant platform for everything!
  • Twitter, Facebook, etc. operating as our main forms of societal communication
  • We are fast becoming augmented cyborgs!

These are things to keep in mind as we go out and change the world with our amazing entrepreneurial/business ideas.  We should be aware that Age 2.0 is the foundation from which to make sound business decisions.  How will you integrate mobile technology or operating systems? How will you market with social media? What do you foresee as huge trends in the interim and near future that could prove to be detrimental to your business?

These questions and thousands of others are more important today than ever before. Do not be afraid, embrace the present (and the future) and go out and change the world, just be ready to change adapt and shift your way of thinking on a whim. As for me, I’m working on it. My business concept and prototype (in development) has shifted shape entirely based on this very notion.  I will keep you posted on how things continue to evolve.

How have you evolved as a person, entrepreneur, or business owner in Age 2.0?

Always going for glory!




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