Jumping ship and embracing the unknown

1 Feb

Once again Everett Bogue, author and blogger, has got me thinking. And I mean really thinking. His latest post on his Far Beyond the Stars Blog makes some extremely important points that are important to take to heart in our modern, kinetic, dynamic, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants world. I, for one, thrive in this uncertain world. Tomorrow means nothing and everything simultaneously. Huh? Yes. Our lives are becoming more and more uncertain where game changing ideas, thoughts, and practice could be bouncing around my head or yours at any time or place.

The most important point that really resonates with me and I think should for many is this:

“The reality of uncertainty is that it is actually the most rewarding state for humans to exist in.”

Read that again. We have no idea just how much we can learn about ourselves if we just dive in and embrace the above concept. As an entrepreneur I have chosen an uncertain path. Each day I learn more and more about myself and consider each day to be a crazy adventure which makes up my so-called life. Most people will generally (in accordance with the laws of nature) always take the path of least resistance. This path, while easy, might make you look back on your life, wonder where the time and days went, think of the dreams that could have been, and the great ideas that you had that others pursued and got rich off. Well I’m determined for this to not be me and the uncertainty of it all really gets my creative juices flowing.

So carve out your path, ignore conventional wisdom (more on this later), and opt for a life intent on changing the world however you see fit.

Always going for glory!



One Response to “Jumping ship and embracing the unknown”

  1. Jay February 1, 2011 at 12:42 pm #

    The paradox of fearing the unknown and yet yearning for it is one that’s hard to reconcile. Yet when done, yields a much more interesting and rewarding life.

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