Trudging forward into 2011

4 Jan

Mud Trudge

I remember reading You Cannot Be Serious by tennis legend John McEnroe a few years back. I consider McEnroe one of my tennis idols and found his book to be a great read.  One motif of his autobiography is:

“Always move forward.”

For an entrepreneur like me, this rings especially true.  Each day there seems to be constant distractions, roadblocks, setbacks, and the ever-so-present thoughts of “how the hell am I going to get this done?”  I’m learning that in order to continue to progress forward, it’s important to set myself weekly goals and to specify tasks for completion of these goals.  For me, these goals are all in line with the overarching objective of creating a new business and designing a new prototype.

Another question that I’ve been pondering lately is how does one maintain the intrinsic motivation to succeed and pursue their passions during these setbacks?  I tend to hearken back to the great American pioneers and their initial struggles (Franklin, Carnegie etc.). How many stories have you heard about immigrants coming to America with the clothes on their back and a nickel in their pocket, only to rise to power and prominence?  Early pioneers of the “American Dream” proved that great desperation can spark the fire and desire needed to accomplish greatness. I posit that humans are often at their best when in times of peril and despair.

For me, as I continue to grow my business concept, I’m living modestly, avoiding excess, riding my bike more often, etc. to essentially force a sense of financial desperation within my own psyche.  This concept has been brilliantly explored on the blog of Everett Bogue on his Minimalist Business blog. It’s a perfect example of the concept:

“Man should be judged not by what he can do with, but without.” Especially during times of new life ventures.

In addition to maintaining a sense of desperation, having a supportive team as well as allies and mentors can help keep motivation and desire alive when setbacks do occur because, sure enough, they will.

In essence, all entrepreneurs face roadblocks, challenges, and the inherent lack of intrinsic motivation.  But as Johnny Mac says, just keep moving forward for your dreams to be realized.

Always going for glory!



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