Calm before the storm

28 Dec

Things have been progressing (despite the holiday lull).  I can feel the energy building and the excitement for me, palpable.  I’ve finally found a non-disclosure agreement that I am comfortable using and am still exploring the use of multiple manufacturers and suppliers for product fabrication. I know I’ve been rather vague, that’s because what I am developing has the opportunity to be the first of its kind in existence today with a unique marketing approach and eco-conscious design. Quite frankly, I MUST be protective of this concept until it has fully entered the marketplace.

While it’s exciting being in the development phase of product design, I cannot underestimate the value of keeping detailed lists of goals and incremental objectives, while developing my new product (although a bit of a misnomer) to take to market as soon as humanly possible.  As an entrepreneur developing a new product, its easy to get bogged down in the details: the how, why, is it even possible? thoughts creep in constantly.  For many, these thoughts of uncertainty and how the hell can I accomplish this are enough to prevent them for pursuing their dreams.  For me, these are the incremental challenges that fuel me to push even harder to realize my dream.

While things are slightly calm right now in the development phase, the energy continues to brew, like a Japanese tsunami, in my mind and body.  I will keep you posted on progress.

Always going for glory!




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