What does natural and sustainable even mean anymore?

23 Dec

I’m becoming increasingly agitated by attempts of companies deeming their products to be “natural,” when this could not be further from the truth. This trend is downright terrible for the natural and organic products industry as a whole in a number of ways. One: it misleads consumers and the “fast food nation” into believing that these “natural” foods, products, etc. are in some way more healthful and nutritious.  Two: it dilutes the marketplace to the point where people no longer know which products are in fact naturally produced leaving them confused and rightfully perturbed.  Let’s note a few of the trends of late:

  • Wendy’s introduced “natural” cut fries with “sea salt.”  These natural cut fries are still machine processed and are natural only in that the skin remains.  If you check their website, these fries contain more fat, more calories, and more sodium per serving. http://newhope360.com/food/natural-cut-fries-don-t-cut-it-naturally.
  • Dominoes introduces “natural” sauce and a new pizza with an emphasis on knowing where the ingredients are sourced.  They’re using catch phrases like “really good ingredients” and “natural sauce” while all the while using such lovely chemicals as sodium benzoate, yellow # 5, and propelyn glycol (isn’t that stuff in deodarant?).  Oh, and those farms you see in the commercials where they “source” their tomatoes have a tiny disclaimer that says “not actual Dominoes farms.”
  • Monsanto: The sustainable company?  This from a company keen on forcing GMO crops (more on GMOs later) upon farmers whether they like it or not and creating “Roundup Ready” crops for just about everything.  Those who have seen “Food, Inc.” can have a good laugh or two (or roll on the floor in hysterics) with this new slogan.

These are just a few of the many disturbing, misleading, and downright pathetic attempts of these companies (and others) riding out the natural and organic wave that is beginning to take shape in our nation.

People are beginning to pose the question: Just where does my food come from? As such, we as consumers (now, more than ever) must educate ourselves about the products we purchase.  In doing so, we hold companies accountable for deceptive  marketing tactics and prevent the progress made in the natural products industry from being thoroughly undermined.

So go for glory…buy truly natural food!

The H.E.


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